Why Us
  • Japan Quality

    Qirin Market professional services provided by INTERTRADE CO.,Ltd.

  • Enjoy a Robust and Safe trading environment

    Qirin Market is a full-featured exchange for major digital assets / cryptocurrencies. We offer high leverage trading and allow users to securely trade.

Business Model
  • Fees

    A major cryptocurrency exchange’s daily bitcoin trading volume is around $2.5 billion and trading fee is 0.075%.

  • Qirin token

    Main underlying asset for Futures & CFDs trading on the Qirin Market

    Collaboration with other exchanges through Qirin token

  • -Qirin CFDs

    Qirin CFDs is no expiry date contract for difference service. The main function is to accept orders from investors, match them, and manage the established orders as position information. The risk control function monitors price washing and loss cuts indispensable for CFD trading, mis-ordering at the time of ordering, the trade review function to monitor whether abnormal transactions are occurring, and the circuit breaker function at the time of rapid change. All these functions are working together to keep market running smoothly and safely.
  • -Qirin Futures

    The service concept offered at Qirin Futures is almost equivalent to Qirin CFD, However, Qirin CFDs are indefinite contracts, but Qirin Futures have deadline. Therefore, the function to calculate contract month management and clearing price is added. In addition, general futures contracts are based on cash settlement, but futures trading in Qirin Futures is a difference settlement type service.
  • -Qirin Spot

    Qirin Spot is a virtual currency exchange system. We will present the selling and buying rate to investors by referring to the external virtual currency market (reference market), also manage the inventory of the cryptocurrency. By writing the established transaction data on blockchain, delivery is done to the owner's address with transparency. In addition to conducting cover transactions to external markets at any time according to the order status from investors, we will execute arbitrage transactions depending on price differences in external markets. We plan to introduce margin trading services in the future as well.
Qirin TEAM
  • Takahiro Ozaki


    Co-founder of Intertrade from 1999. 10 years equity sales in Mizuho. Member of Nihonbashi Rotary Club, has connections with owners or executives of financial institutions or large companies.

  • Kazuya Nishimoto


    Co-founder of Intertrade from 1999. 11 years system development in Mizuho. Board director of ITER which is a Fintech company

  • Su Sai

    System development

    Co-founder of 6M Capital. Co-founder of Blockstone. Senior Software Engineer in Citrix Japan. Staff Software Engineer in Citrix US. Master degree from Tsukuba university in Japan.

  • Daisuke Hakkaku

    Service planning

    Director of financial IT service department in Intertrade. Member of management board of Fintech company ITER. Has been working as founder secretary and customer management.

  • Kazuya Tachika

    System design & development

    Director of System Development department in Intertrade. 12 years development on core functionality of financial trading system. Development experiences of on-line trading UI.

  • Kazuyoshi Ikeda

    System & service design

    Director of FX trading system development. Expert on FX system development.

  • Nobuhiko Takahashi

    Service operation and Sales

    Director of Service Operation department in Intertrade. Expert on sale marketing, customer management and etc.

  • Takeshi Aoki

    Infrastructure design & operation

    Director of System Operation in Intertrade. Architect of infrastructure design and implement for stock brokerage firms. OMS/MDS system development in TIBCO.。

    Qirin Adviser
  • Akira Yamamoto

    1969 Graduated from Tokyo university law school
    1969 Joined Japan Ministry of Finance
    1992 Japan Ministry of Finance Securities Department Securities Business Division Manager
    1993   Japan Ministry of Finance Securities Department General Affairs Section Manager
    1994 Director of East North Finance Bureau
    1996 Minister's Secretariat (Secretariat)
    1999 Japan Mint Officer
    2000 Executive Director of the Trust Association
    2002 Director of the Bank of Japan
    2006 Daiko Securities Business Counsel
    2006 Adviser of Japan Clearing Service Co., Ltd.
    2007 President and Representative Director, Japan Clearing Service Co., Ltd.
    2007 President and CEO, Daiko Securities Business Co., Ltd.
    2013 Chairman and Representative Director, Daiko Securities Business Corporation
    2015 Daiko Securities Business Counselor
  • Toshio Sato

    Certified Public Accountant, Tax Accountant,
    Master of Business Administration (MBA),
    Master of Taxation (MST)
    Chuo University College of Commerce Graduated from Account Course
    Sawyer School of Management at Suffolk University
    (Boston, MA) MBA, MST course graduation
    1998 Certified public accountant registration
    2005 Owner company corporate research institute, Inc.
    (now Yamada FAS Co., Ltd.) President Director
    2005 Tax accountant registration
    2007 TFP Consulting Group Co., Ltd. (currently Yamada
    Consulting Group Co., Ltd.) Director
    2009 Representative of Tax Accountant Corporation K · T · Two
    2014 Board director of Tax Accountant Corporation K · T · Two
    2017 Chairman of Kanagawa Certificate Tax Accountant Association
  • SVBC

    The 1st Silicon valley Incubator dedicated to Blockchain technology enabled business,SVBC focus on providing access to blockchain startups to bicontinental network, resources and counsel. We have sub-branches and business partners including but not limited to the United States, Canada, China, Hongkong, Japan, Singapore and South Asia. 
  • Rick Wang

    PhD in cyber security, two-time best-paper awards winner, over ten years of work experience in cyber security, identified vulnerabilities for Facebook, Google, Amazon, Dropbox, PayPal, Fidelity, Microsoft, and many other companies.
    What is Qirin Market?
  • `Made-In-Japan CFDs/Futures/Spot exchange. Perfectly combine High Leverage (max 120 times) and Safety, which are most likely two opposite things. Users can enjoy high leverage service and be well protected by unique Japanese investor protection features at same time.
    What is Qirin token?
  • `Qirin token (QRN) is issued by Qirin Market. It is ERC-20 based.
    How to use Qirin token?
  • `Exchange fees in Qirin Market can be paid by Qirin token. Users can receive large discount with paying fees using Qirin token.
  • `Qirin token is also used as base coin of CFD and Future product in Qirin Market.
  • `Collaboration with other exchanges through Qirin token.
    What issues Qirin Market is trying to resolve?
      `Security concerns
    • All the hackers in the world are targeting cryptocurrencies
    • Illegal operations by exchange owners
      `Poor system design and implementation
    • Many existing online exchanges were created by newbies to financial trading world. Their system doesn’t meeting the requirements from the professional traders. The system isn’t designed to handle heavy loading or easy to crash at peak hours.
      `Incomplete business model
    • Incomplete workflow and missing components caused bad user experiences
      `Lack of liquidity
    • A lack of liquidity causes realized lost for users.
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